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Whether buying or selling a medical or dental office, our counsel will work to ensure that your rights are protected. We diligently review the structure of the sale-whether asset or entity, define the goodwill and patient record transfer, identify the assets and discuss limitations of liability.

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Considering hiring an associate doctor for your office? Considering working as an associate at a practice in California? Ask us why a written associate agreement is key to protecting the parties, both practice owner and associate. Are you considering structuring the associateship as an employment agreement or independent contractor agreement? We make sure that the key terms between the parties are addressed in order to set up the parties for their for a successful relationship.

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Planning to co-own a business entity with another person? There are limitations on who can own medical and dental practices. Structuring a jointly-owned practice or business with a written partnership or shareholder agreement is crucial to defining the rights, responsibilities, day-to-day operations, ownership interests, division of profits and losses, and acts as a 'prenuptial' agreement for the future course of the business entity! Remember, if it is not in writing, it is very difficult to prove that an agreement exists!!

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Many times, clients will conduct business through a legal entity in order to provide limited personal liability within professional business affairs. There are limitations on the types of entities that can own professional businesses. Learn more by contacting The Goldman Law Firm today.

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Commercial lease agreements are very peculiar documents. The lease outlines the relationship between the landlord and tenant. From a landlord perspective, it is important to reserve flexibility within the lease, such as rent escalation terms and right of entry during the term and the ability. From a tenant perspective, there are standard provisions that should be included within the lease, such as an option to extend and the ability to assign the lease premises. There are also commercial lease provisions to be careful of, such as the ability for the landlord to relocate, or the ability for the landlord to terminate the lease upon a proposed assignment. We are happy to speak with you about your lease questions and needs.

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Should you encounter a dispute with a contracting party, our trusted counsel is available to help navigate the disagreement. From partnership dissolutions, to associate agreement disputes, to practice sale disagreements, we assist you with understanding the options in the pre-litigation stage, and after a lawsuit is filed. We work with clients to resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner, aiming for a resolution through mediation or before litigation is filed; yet we are prepared and ready to litigate your rights if needed!!


Ensure that you obtain and retain a fully executed copy of the business agreements that you enter into; this means a copy of the contract that has each party's signature and the completed dates. Also, make sure that you have copies of each exhibit that is referenced in the agreement.

This will help jumpstart your attorney's review of the dispute. Without a copy of the agreement, there may be a delay in trying to obtain a copy or determine its terms. 

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