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Nick Smebak.png
Image by Jan Zhukov

Mr. Smebak grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where he graduated with a degree in audio engineering.  Marin County has been a second home for Mr. Smebak, and he now resides in San Rafael.  After graduation Mr. Smebak worked in the audio/video department of  The Geo Group, a translation agency based in Madison.

During his time at The Geo Group, Mr. Smebak ’ main functions included recording voice-overs, audio prompts, as well as creating subtitles, and completing video editing projects for clients primarily in the education, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.  His necessity to protect his recordings and productions developed into a larger interest in copyright and intellectual property law.  In pursuit of a future in the legal field, Mr. Smebak is now working as a paralegal at The Goldman Law Firm.

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