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The Goldman Law Firm is currently representing the plaintiff(s) in the following described actions in the Superior Court of San Francisco against Delta Dental of California, Inc.

Image by Marina Reich

Moneim, D.D.S., et al. v. Delta Dental of California (San Francisco County Superior Court, CGC-18-565581)

Click Here to read the complaint.

  • Putative Class Action for allegedly illegally requesting claim reimbursements for claims paid more than 365 days prior to the claim for reimbursement

  • Recent Win Against Delta Dental In The Moneim Action:

    • Recently, Superior Court Judge Richard B. Ulmer, Jr. ruled that Delta Dental of California shall not request reimbursement of allegedly overpaid claims that are more than 1 year old. It is estimated that about 500 dentists in California may have received these reimbursement requests from Delta Dental. If you think this may apply to you, please see the link below for more information.

    • Judge Ulmer’s Decision

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